Hello from Canada! I'm Cheyenne and I'm in love with a boy who never knows what day it is, who forgot apple was a fruit, and who didn't know what fangirling meant.

I like to call him Greyson Chance.
I’m so sleep deprived.

Going to the Mainland tmrw, 6.5 hours.  Harry Potter movie marathon just because.  Gonna trick random people into thinking I’m British.

Ask me questions so I don’t fall asleep, please, anything.

sirenaamalieborealis answered your question: Questions?

What’s your favorite Harry Potter book?

Uhm, uhm…  Ugh, uhm…

I quite like Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix the most, love. xx


Ask me some?

Omg, okay, so today while I was “working” at camp, this little boy came up to me wearing a Harry Potter shirt on, and offered me a Tic-Tac.

Seriously though, he looked like Grey’s mini-me. I’M SERIOUS! ARGH!